Sport and Eating Disorders


Eating disorders are responsible for more loss of life than any other form of psychological illness. Millions of people around the world suffer from some sort of eating disorder and it is believed that many other cases remain unreported due to the indignity and embarrassment associated with such conditions.


Eating disorders affect people from all walks of life and, although they are more common with women, many men also suffer from one of the many conditions.


It is now being suggested that eating disorders are becoming increasingly prevalent in athletes and individuals who participate in sport and physical activity. Cases of eating disorders are more common in certain sports and forms of physical activity than others, whilst the level that an individual competes at can also influence the likelihood of a disorder occurring.


There have been some high profile cases of athletes suffering from eating disorders such as Kathy Johnson (winner of two Olympic medals), Heidi Guenther (a talented young ballerina who died at the age of 22 through suffering from an eating disorder) and Nadia Comaneci (winner of 9 Olympic medals in gymnastics).


The purpose of this blog is to explain eating disorders, their causes and affects, and discuss how eating disorders are affecting modern sport.

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